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Nice quiet day, no visitors. Over the first half of the day I ate another bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes and capers and smoked salmon (for the protein, I don’t love it). I have a tremendous appetite and food tastes really good again, I just can’t eat much at once because my abdomen is still full of fluid. I haven’t lost any weight in three days, despite the endless peeing. Probably because I have a constant burning thirst. Body trying to get rid of hospital drugs? Might be time for the optional Ultra Diuretic tomorrow.

Lots of embroidery, and catching up on Survivor, and reading, and audiobooks.

Phone interview tomorrow with Owen’s rescue organization, 3LP, to see if we’re all well-suited. 3LP rescues homeless and abandoned animals in the Houston TX area and adopts them out to northern states where there’s less of an unwanted animal problem. They’ll send Owen to us in an air-conditioned truck with personal attendants, if we get to adopt him. Pretty amazing! People are wonderful when they’re not terrible. Lol.

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  1. Beth

    Loving these updates and all the joy, Kara! Hooray for Scott’s visit and delicious lemon chiffon cake. Hooray for resting and embroidery and quiet time.

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