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So I took my mega-diuretic (metolazone) yesterday and peed all day and all night. Literally five pounds lighter today. Lol. Abdomen felt a lot less full this morning and eating was more comfortable, which was so nice. Feels like I’m filling back up, though. Oh well. My poor old organs are doing the best they can.

I did Procreate tutorials all day! It’s so much fun! Em and I just FaceTimed and did one together, an easy one that I did yesterday so I could describe all the steps to her. I like to do each one several times to get comfortable with the options and get them into muscle memory. We are gonna draw and draw when she visits on the weekend! She’s flying up here all by herself, just to spend the weekend with me. We can put a YouTube tutorial up on the TV and sit together and draw on our iPads.

Mm wow I just got really really tired. I stayed up too late last night, reading and drawing and peeing. Gonna make a quesadilla and hit the hay early. Mom will be here tomorrow!

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