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Down three more pounds to 102! My belly feels so much better. I can eat almost a whole Kara-normal meal at one sitting, slowly. Strawberries and cream for breakfast, cream of wheat for lunch, apple and goat cheese for a snack, full-size quesadilla with tomato for dinner. Also plenty of juice and water. So thirsty (of course) but being careful not to over-hydrate.

Mom is here! She tidied up my garden area and will plant some easy seedlings tomorrow. We watched Mad Mad Mad Mad World and she ate the big slice of lemon cake I’d set aside for her :D

Finished my Jane Casey crime thriller (The Kill) and have started another book from my giant pile of library books, one of the rom-coms. Can’t remember title at the moment…

Lots of Procreate today! Learned to make a 6-sided mandala and am working through a long stained-glass effect tute. But time to sleep.

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  1. jen

    like. :)

  2. Kathy

    I love reading your daily updates, Kara. <3

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