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Mom cleaned all our floors and tidied up the garden on the back porch and bought seedlings and planted them! All I need to do is keep them watered and cross my fingers. Tomatoes, chard, cucumbers, zucchini, nasturtiums, and sunflowers. Plus the strawberries from last year are doing great, and have spread from one to three pots.

I did Procreate art all day. Finished the stained glass tutorial that I started yesterday (sun and flowers), and then did another stained glass window out of my imagination (diamonds). It’s so annoying that pixelfed won’t embed anymore! Argh! But here’s a link.

Oh! I only weighed 101.2 this morning! My abdomen STILL has extra fluid but I’m so much more comfortable!! Good Zoom appointment with my cardiologist. She says I can use my own judgement and take more metolazone whenever I want, not just once a week. So that’s great, I’ll be able to remain comfortable and to eat well.

And here’s that Procreate tutorial:

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  1. James

    We appreciate the updates and we continue to pray for you and Dave and the rest of the family

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