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All set for Owen!

I did a lot today and I’m fairly wiped out. Drove out to Kohl’s for an Amazon return. I hadn’t been there before. Usually I use the UPS drop-off for Amazon returns but this time it would have cost like five bucks, and the Kohl’s drop-off was free. Anyway the Amazon returns counter is wayyyy in the back of the store. I walked very slowly but my goodness it was tiring. More walking than I’ve done in weeks.

On the way home I stopped at the Asian market, on a whim, but it’s no 99 Ranch. They didn’t have any of the candy and snacks I like. 99 Ranch has bags of cooked chestnuts and those little crunchy bars of sesame brittle. Need to figure out who sells those in Portland. So again, lots of walking up and down the aisles. They do sell frozen udon noodles, so that will be a treat sometime when there’s room in the freezer.

Then to the local pet store for a litter box and litter. I signed up for a Skoon subscription but our first box won’t come till Sunday, so Owen needs an ordinary box to tide him over.

Then a quick trip through the Burgerville drive through for a small strawberry milkshake, then home. Whew!

Then I got Owen’s food and water and litter box set up in the bathroom, where we’ll let him decompress after his stressful journey. There’s a cupboard propped open a little bit with a special towel inside, just for him, so he can be cozy, and another special towel in a cardboard box for another hiding place. And I put a basket of our dirty laundry in there so he can get used to our smells. Chloe sent me a video about setting up a “Homebase” for your cat, with all his comfort items and plenty of “scent soakers” that he can rub on and make them smell like himself. Then we can move those to another room once he settles down, and everything will smell familiar.

Now I’m decompressing with an Art with Flo tutorial and kefir and pasta salad :)

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  1. Ken Shallenberg

    Impressively active day, and so excited for Owen to arrive

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