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Yesterday wiped me out. I slept until ten and I’ve been napping all afternoon.

Owen is a wonderful cat! After decompressing for a couple hours in his safe space in the bathroom, he started doing a Lonely Meow, so we went in to make friends. He didn’t hide, and he was only a little bit nervous at first, but soon let us pet him. We visited together for an hour and he purred the whole time, sweet boy. Then we went out to give him his space and go to bed, but pretty soon he let us know he was lonely again! We decided it was more stressful for him to feel lonely than to explore one more new room, so we moved him and his stuff into my bedroom for the night. He even let Dave pick him up! He slept on my bed and purred and purred when I petted him in the night (at his request). He is a lovey-dovey fellow!

In the morning he was calm and friendly and curious about the other side of my door, so we went ahead and gave him the run of the house. He was cautious but not especially nervous, and prowled around the whole house, sniffing and exploring. When he wanted to go down the spiral stairs to Dave’s basement office, he called for Dave to watch him go down the stairs! He came back up pretty fast — it’s cold down there.

When I came back into my room at 1pm for my nap, he followed and hopped up on the bed to nap with me. The purring never stops when he’s near us. *heart eyes*

He’s not interested in treats or hiding places or cardboard boxes or toys, at least not yet. He’s not obsessed with food, even wet food, though he’s eating and drinking and using his litter box. So far he’s only really interested in exploration and love, lots and lots of love. He’s the perfect friend for us. <3

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  1. jen

    yay Owen!

  2. Melissa

    What a good kitty, he’s precious! He’ll calm down once he gets used to you. There’s no better company than a cat >^..^<

  3. Judy

    Kara – I have followed you, on and off, for a few years now. I think you are, as my dad (born 1919) would say when I was a kid, a helluva gal! I so appreciate your brains, wit, creativity and perseverance. I wish you as much comfort as possible and death on your own terms. Thank you for putting your words, your self, out into the world!

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