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Arghh now they’re worried I’m too thin. Well, I AM too thin, it’s true, but they are worried I’ll get thinner. My appetite hasn’t been so great lately. Lots of nausea and other fun stomach tricks. Argh.

Owen is still settling in nicely. He climbed into my lap three times today. He spends a while doing his own thing, and then he finds me for a chat and some petting, and then he’s off to do his own thing again. He enjoys sitting on our wide windowsills, birdwatching, and he likes to lounge in our big leather recliners. He also wants to SCRATCH our leather recliners, so on Chloe’s advice be ordered him a tall sisal scratching post to redirect that scratching instinct. Should be here Wednesday.

I drew and drew today — a tutorial of a watercolor forest which turned out surprisingly well, and a pretty little repeating pattern of leaves and berries. Also did some blackwork.

I’d better find a bedtime snack and ingest some more calories.

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  1. Gina

    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing okay and that Owen is fitting in nicely.

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