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Wednesday midday

My new pill organizer got here! it’s amazing! I’ve had the old one since 2007 and it has gotten too small for my requirements. My four darn potassium pills are so big, even the 10mg ones, that I need to put the morning ones in with the noontime meds, and the evening ones into the otherwise empty nighttime compartment, and they get stuck crosswise and I need to fish them out with tweezers and it irritates me. This new organizer one is big and cheerful, and the daily columns lift out of the case so I can put one in my purse if I’ll be away from home at dose time. When I loaded it up I noticed that the inside corners of the compartments are curved so the pills won’t get wedged. I’m so pleased!

I’m so annoyed that pixelfed won’t embed anymore. Here’s imgur being all gross and commercial but actually embedding. With giant unavoidable white space GAHHH why won’t things just work? Oh because I’m cheap, that’s why. Scroll image to left to see a removable column IN ACTION.

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  1. Marion

    I have been following you for years and love listening to your recordings.
    I am so sorry to hear about your prognosis.
    Don’t know if you have seen Julies videos already. I think they are very insightful.

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