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Felt much better today. Totally recovered from Tuesday’s migraine, and my appetite came roaring back at the end of the day. I haven’t stopped eating since about six and I’m taking an apple and goat cheese to bed with me now.

Such a great visit with my dear siblings. We spent many quiet hours together today, and were happily together when the indictments hit the headlines! They went out to look at the river in the afternoon so I could have a nap, and then the Henry crew came over in the evening to hang out — in the back yard, in case they had any lingering germs from their recent cold. I fixed them a picnic of quesadilla, apple slices, cherry tomatoes, and homemade cookies, and Kathy played fairies with Lulu, and Freyja ran around chuckling. It was so wonderful to watch them all together.

Reading such a good crime thriller. “Close to Home” by Cara Hunter. I’ve been reading a long string of Good Enough thrillers, and then WHAM I hit one that blows the others out of the water! Hope this author is prolific…

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  1. Kathy

    It was SUCH a great visit!!!! I love you and had a wonderful time!

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