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Blah. Still not feeling right. Is this the new normal or will I snap back again? My weight has held steady in the 101-102 range for five days so at least my heart isn’t drowning in fluid.

Did some drawing, did some stitching, played some Zelda. Got the third hand-thing. Fuse? Yeah Fuse. So now I can Create, Ascend, and Fuse, and it’s so cool! I need to practice fusing things quickly. Such an amazing game! It takes a lot of brain-energy to play but is so immersive and so much fun!

Realized I forgot to finish Survivor, so I’m off to bed now to watch the Final Episode. Another great season full of likeable players.

Owen is the softest cat in the world and such a good companion. He slept on top of me for a while last night. He also likes to sit by my head and smell the fresh air blowing through my window at night. My fresh air friend. He’s a weirdo, though. He LOVES his dry food (fancy expensive grain-free) but hasn’t been enthusiastic about any of the wet food we’ve tried. Three bites is enough. He also doesn’t like butter, or tinned pilchards, or any sort of kitty treats we’ve tried. He just wants to be petted, sweet boy.

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