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I felt less crappy today, yay! Not great, but less bad.

Played some Tears of the Kingdom this afternoon. Made my way back to the tower thingy and got Fast Travel and um the other thing that makes time go backward. Recall! Another nifty new mechanic. So now I’ve Fast Traveled to the southernmost shrine and am ready to try it tomorrow.

Ken inspired me to try to up my physical activity in the most gradual, low stress way possible so today I set a timer for one minute and walked back and forth in the house, three times. And that got me to 1200 steps! Significantly up from my daily average of 650 or so. Very proud of myself.

Owen is OBSESSED with trying to eat my houseplants. He’s totally insane about it. I keep moving them to higher and higher places but he figures out how to reach them every time. Crazy cat. Now my plants are shut into the bathroom until I can hang them from the ceiling. I’m growing a little pot of alfalfa seeds for him to snack on, but I suspect he won’t care for them. Crazy cat. Good thing he’s so soft and affectionate. Lol.

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    Yup. We figured out pretty quickly that we just couldn’t have live plants indoors with cats! (We tried growing a baby lettuce assortment one year, and we got some, but the cats got quite a bit too.)

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