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For the past few weeks, ever since I came home from hospital actually, I’ve been taking my morning handful of pills when I get up to pee around 4-6am. And then I fall back asleep till 7 or 7:30, get up to pee, and then fall back asleep until 9 or 10. It’s like clockwork. I think some of those morning drugs must be soporific. It’s highly atypical for me to be able to get back to sleep so easily if I wake early. Hallelujah, though!

Slept till 10 this morning, and was groggy till noon. Weird. Nice, but weird. Owen slept on the foot of my bed all night. He gets up and follows me to the bathroom and then I tell him it’s time to go back to sleep and we climb back into bed and zonk out again. Sometimes he sits by my head and sniffs the night air through my window for a while. Good cat.

I finished making macramé plant hangers and got all seven of my tasty plants hung up out of his reach. Thank goodness he’s not tempted by my geranium, baby lemon, or ficus, so those can stay in the foyer on the table in the bright sun.

1000+ steps again today! Fourth day in a row.

I took a bath this morning and changed my bedding and tidied up my room so bedtime will be a real treat tonight. The night sweats have been so awful lately, and I can’t change my sheets every day, so they get yucky. I sleep on a towel to try to soak some of it up. Yuck. The apple Health app has a place to track your night sweats, so I know for a fact I’ve only had TWO non-sweaty nights in the past 30 days. UGH.

Here are my plants hanging up all safe:

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  1. jen

    the plants look great up there! great job on making the holders! I really like them

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