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Another stay-in-bed day, through I didn’t actually need to sleep. I hope I feel like getting up tomorrow. I really want homemade soup, and there’s a cabbage in the fridge just waiting to be souped. Today I made do with black beans in the crock pot except I accidentally had it turned to low. Put them in at 3:00, checked at 4:30 expecting beautiful rich bean broth and creamy well-done beans… nope. Well now the pot is set to high so they should be done before too long. The pinch of baking soda will help. I’ll be sipping bean broth before bedtime.

UPDATE: 6pm and I’ve just checked my beans. Still raw, because I turned them from Low to Warm instead of to High. Eedjit. *eyeroll*. To be fair, all the markings are rubbed off my crockpot, but usually I remember that the FIRST click is high, then low, then warm. Gotta make new marks with nail polish or something. Well, I’ll bet they’ll be done within the hour now that they’re actually cooking and have at least been warm for several hours.

UPDATE: 7:15 and I finally have my big mug of rich steaming black bean broth!

Spent most of the day watching Max Miller’s Tasting History YouTube channel, working backwards from the most recent video. That French Onion Soup from 1651 looks simple and delicious. That’s probably why I started wanting soup all of a sudden.

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  1. tyah

    I have been tempting to do cabbage soup ever since listening to willy wanka audiobook. One day… maybe with a slab of crunchy fudge delight chocolate!

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