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I needed to get bloodwork done this week and today I felt ok enough to get out of bed and drive to the lab and get it done. Yay me! And when I got home I did the dishes and watered all my plants, which is a Big Project now that they’re all hanging up. Got it done, though. And then, inspired by Max Miller on YouTube, I caramelized a single onion, added a cup of beef bouillon, and had myself a little bowl of rich and tasty onion soup.

And now I’m worn out, justifiably so, and back in bed for the day. I’m listening to a really good Librivox recording of Unnatural Death by Dorothy Sayers. The narrator enunciates a little more than I prefer but is otherwise really good, and has such a warm and cozy voice that I can easily forgive the over-enunciation :)

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  1. Ken Shallenberg

    Glad to see you up and about

  2. Kathy

    We’re listening to Unnatural Death too.

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