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I was up with insomnia (worrying) for a while at 1am but I woke up feeling ok at 7:30 or so! Lounged about till 8, then got up and made a milkshake for breakfast (craving milkshakes lately), chatted with Dave, and had a pleasant start to the day. Maybe that odd period of sleeping 11 hours every night is over. No crippling fatigue today, and I did several things. No nap necessary. Labs came back — we’re gonna jack up the Levothyroxine some more.

What else… well I drew and drew and drew. Figured out how to do a sticker effect in procreate which makes such cute faux-stickers! I “stick” them to the virtual letters I write to Em, or stick them into iMessage. Really fun.

Dave has spent the last couple days helping Henry change the brakes in the Honda. It was a CHORE. Long story. But anyway I baked him his favorite cherry cake as a thank you for being awesome and teaching my boy some Adult Skills! He was so happy to have tea and homemade cake when he got home :)

Also played a bunch of Zelda. Got the glider, oh man that was fun getting rocketed into the sky, and went down into the Depths. Learned very quickly to sneak past the monster camps down there, yikes.

Watched an Antiques Roadshow and did some blackwork. Now I’m gonna make a tasty quick taco salad for dinner and call it a day.

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  1. Jen

    Oooo a cherry cake ? That sounds great

  2. Melissa

    Yes, cherry cake sounds delightful! Yummm! :-D

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