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Today’s big project was to send the Roomba through the whole house. I know it’s a labor-saving device but I need to do quite a lot of STUFF to facilitate it. First, remove oxygen tubing and area rugs and power cables from the floors, and make sure the furniture is placed so the idiot robot doesn’t get trapped. And then I can only send it to one room at a time because it needs its little dirt cup to be emptied after every room, and to recharge its battery. So that means I need to get down on the floor and back up again many times on Roomba Day. And most of the rooms need multiple passes because I don’t do it every day.

So yeah. Roomba Day is a tiring day. But it’s nearly done now — it’s finishing up the dining room, and then after the battery recharges I’ll have it do the living room, and then the big bedroom if there’s time or maybe do that one tomorrow since the living room takes forever.

And then tomorrow I’ll try to Swiffer the hard floors if I possibly can. Very slowly and imperfectly, but it’ll be much better than nothing and it will smell so good when I’m done.

Great progress in Zelda today! I found a stable and tamed a wild horse so I have a mount now and can travel much faster! I solved two or three puzzle shrines and found another Skyview Tower or whatever they’re called, so I have a whole new area on my map. Went into a couple of easy wells and a very scary cave that I had to NOPE right out of. Found Hesta and got a couple new slots in my bags. Oh and I went up in a hot air balloon with an old dude and found a Dragon Tear and unlocked a Memory!

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