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I’ve been having trouble eating ‘cause I feel full after just a couple bites, even though my weight has been holding steady at 100-102, so I took my mighty diuretic today to see if that would help and I think it has. I made a big Bucket of Pasta (spaghetti with marinara, sundried tomatoes, a splash of cream, and a good shake of red pepper flakes) and have eaten two bowls.

I’ve been monitoring the Idiot Roomba while he cleans the living room carpet. He’s nearly finished with the second pass and it’s looking so much better.

Have spent the day alternately reading a decent crime thriller (The Dead Ground by Claire McGowan) and drawing in Procreate. I bumped into a tutorial on how to make a virtual weekly planner, and I worked on that for a bit and then went off on a tangent of creating my own “stamps” (brushes) for days of the week and calendar blanks. I found a free monospaced type-writer-ish font to use for the calendar blanks so the numbers line up all nicely, and I learned a TON, by trial and error, about adding text to a canvas. And how to make a brush be un-pressure-sensitive, and how to organize brushes into a folder, and all sorts of other things. I’m writing this on my phone and my iPad is across the room charging up so I can’t show you images of what I’m talking about but maybe I will tomorrow when I have assembled my components.

Of course the last thing I need is a weekly planner! Every day is exactly the same. But it was a fun and challenging project and I hope to make my stamps and brushes into a free bundle to give to other artists.

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  1. Henry

    That planner sounds neat! I hope you’ll share with us when you’re done with it!

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