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Five pounds of fluids drained away since yesterday morning and only 97 pounds of Kayray remaining. Gotta eat more. At least it’s easier to eat today because I don’t feel so full. I made a huge milkshake for breakfast and have been eating little bowls of leftover pasta all afternoon. Just popped a Trader Joe’s pain au chocolat into the oven for a lil snack.

Finished my Procreate Planner brush/stamp set. I went back in and increased the size of every brush, added months, renamed them all, made a set, and cleverly noticed that you can “set new reset point” for each brush so I did that too. I think that means if people tinker with a brush they can hit the Reset button and it will go back to the state it was in when I set the reset point, i.e. perfect. I’ve uploaded my brush set plus a blank “ringbound” planner that you can customize with different colors or whatever. The ringbound planner is based on this tutorial by Every Tuesday.

Here’s a link to my Procreate files:

Kara’s Digital Planner Files

I put up some example jpgs too, to give you some ideas. Now, I can’t imagine that digital planner pages are much use to anyone! I guess you could print out hard copies of your designs. Or you could export as pdf, open in Books, and notate with Markup. I dunno what people do, but there are digital planner pages all over the internet so they must have some kind of use! Anyway I had a ton of fun making all the calendar brushes/stamps. And I learned so much!!

If you want to use the planner file, feel free to delete every layer ABOVE the “Planner Master” group. They’re only there as an example of one way to lay out and decorate your planner pages. Then, duplicate the “Planner Master” group and give the new group a different name. Lock and hide the original group to keep it safe. Then you can tinker with the copy. When you get the colors how you like them, you can flatten the new group and then start your layout and decorations. Keep layout and decorations on new layers, of course, and then you can re-use your perfect, flattened planner page for succeeding weeks.

Easiest way to recolor, say, the spiral binding, is to make your active color the one you want to use, tap that layer, tap “select”, and tap “fill layer”. Presto change-o.

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