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Watched so much Tasting History today. We have fresh raspberries, bottled peaches, and vanilla ice cream, so if I possibly can I’ll make some simple raspberry sauce tomorrow so we can have something that resembles Peach Melba.

Managed a little bit of drawing/painting today. I saved these as PNGs with transparent backgrounds so they can be used as stickers when iOS 17 comes out in September. Will I still be alive? I hope so! But I dunno. My oxygen is cranked up all the way and I’m only at 80% oxygen saturation, which isn’t super comfortable. (For comparison you are probably at 99-100%). And I wake up gasping for air at night. Besides all the other things that wake me up. *eyeroll*

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  1. Kathy

    Beautiful drawings! Hope you get your Peach Melba tomorrow. I love you so much. I love seeing your drawings.

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