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I drew all day, yay! Look at this mushroom friend:

Based on Calvin’s tutorial here:

I am having a terrible time eating. Two bites and I’m full. I’m so thirsty all the time that I’m filling up on water, I think. I crave juice every minute of the day, and am alternating between grapefruit, cran-apple, and lemonade. So I’m getting vitamin C anyway. I have a dish of strawberries and cream to work on slowly now, and my wonderful green apple and goat cheese for bedtime. Other than that I managed cream o’ wheat and kefir for breakfast, half a bagel with cream cheese and a tomato for lunch, and an Ensure in the afternoon.

Update: strawberries: no flavor, mushy texture. Green apples: no flavor, mushy texture. Time to give up on buying both until they come back into season. Just eating the goat cheese.

Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to set my hourly EAT A BITE OF SOMETHING DAMMIT alarm.

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  1. Kathy

    That struggle must be incredibly frustrating when you love the tastes and preparation of food as much as you do.

  2. tyah

    Check out flash frozen fruits. They keep fresh for long and are nice summer snack

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