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Last night I was not sweaty. First time since May 24th. Such a relief.

I followed a big elaborate Procreate tutorial and learned a lot. Not gonna post the result because I’m not super proud of it — I mean, I did a great job, it’s just not a thing I would ordinarily choose to draw. I can’t link the tute here because it’s only up for a week, as an enticement to get people to join the artist’s patreon. Anyway I’m super clear now on why one would choose a clipping mask, alpha lock, or just select.

Henry came over to help Dave finish installing our new enormous mailbox. The crappy old brick pillar is gone, a fine new steel post is set in concrete, and in the morning Dave can affix the mailbox to the top of the post and it’ll be finished!

I think I’ll go get a big dish of frozen peas to snack on while I read for a while. I tried to eat a little more today. Cream o’ wheat and juice for breakfast. Tiny half-size BLT for lunch. A slug of kefir, a little dish of cottage cheese, and another helping of cream o’ wheat spaced out through the afternoon. Oh I’ll grab some cheese to go with my peas, that will help. So damn thirsty.

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