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Yes. More oxygen has made a HUGE difference in my quality of life today. The numbers aren’t even that different — I was hovering in the 80-82% area on 5 liters, and on 7 I hover in the 86-88% zone. But wow. I felt awake today. I felt bright and alert. My mood was better. My appetite was better (also because I took my mega-diuretic this morning so my belly doesn’t feel so full). Dave cooked a nice dinner and I ate a whole small pork chop and a little helping of mashed potatoes with the applesauce I made a couple days ago to use my mushy green apples.

It’s almost 9 pm and I’m not about to pass out from exhaustion.

I painted a beautiful purple tulip today, and worked on one of my blackwork projects while watching Chicago.

Now if I could just have another non-sweaty night I’d be so thrilled. Please, Goddess of Night Sweats, have mercy on me.

Plan for tomorrow, if I have another good night, is to turn our spare tomatoes (Dave bought more than we could eat and they’re starting to go bad) into tomato paste in the crockpot. (Autocorrect suggested “tomcat paste”. Go home, autocorrect, you’re drunk.)

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  1. Soozan

    What joy to wake up to my funny, brilliant, one in a million niece, living life to the fullest. I love you so much sweetheart !!!

  2. Kathy

    So happy to hear you discovered a way to feel better! That tulip is a knockout!

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