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Thursday morning

I figured out how to get more oxygen into me and had a better night. Still sweaty, still up to pee multiple times, but no waking up gasping for air!

I turned on both of my oxygen concentrators, set one to 5 liters per minute (the max, which is my usual amount) and the other to 2 lpm, then put BOTH cannulas in my nose. (Luckily I have huge nostrils.) They fit easily and never fell out in the night. A combined 7 lpm, and my sats were great every time I checked, like high 80s! This morning, 88% and heart was only 81 bpm as opposed to the usual 100+. Whew. Might be comfortable a little while longer.

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  1. Kathy

    Being able to breathe – 5/5 stars.

    Love you Kara. I am glad you figured something out!

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