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A pretty good day, as days go. Got right up and made that pea-and-onion cottage pie and washed a few of Dave’s greasy pans. Gotta get all the dishes done and the counters clear because the cleaner is coming tomorrow to do just the kitchen (more affordable than the whole house and we’re just not that messy).

Then I finished the “Stained Glass Effects in Procreate” class that I splurged on. It’s a great class. I figured out a way to make my stained glass even more realistic by rounding off the inner corners of the leading.

Sigh. Pixelfed still won’t embed. SIGHHHHHHHHHH.

And then I got tired and ate a bunch of ice cream (vanilla with homemade raspberry sauce omg) and played Zelda. Solved two shrines and found another stable and a Great Fairy who wants me to bring her a flautist.

Man. Towards the end of the day my body feels so heavy it’s an effort just to lift an arm. All I can do is go to bed. Bedtime is getting earlier and earlier — 6pm this evening ha.

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