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Rough night. Up every hour or so to pee because yesterday was a metronidazole day. Ugh. Couldn’t get back to sleep after waking again at 7:30am but stayed in bed till nearly noon, resting and crafting a tether for my Apple Pencil. Tired of it disappearing. My solution works beautifully.

I took about two feet of lucet cord (braided on my lucet) and lashed one end to the butt-end of my Pencil using one carefully-wrapped layer of sewing thread. I tried a rubber band at first but it was much too thick and interrupted the magnetic contact so the Pencil couldn’t charge. A single layer of sewing thread is just fine. The other end of the cord is attached to a hole that I drilled in the edge of my iPad case, where there’s a little pocket of empty space at the end of the trough where the Pencil lives. See the photos in my Mastodon post:

I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. My Pencil disappeared so thoroughly yesterday — and I NEVER LEFT THE COUCH — that I gave up and ordered a replacement. I used Evil Amazon, saved 30%, and it was delivered the same day before bedtime. So sue me, I’m terminally ill and I need my Apple Pencil so I can draw and paint. And my Pencil will never disappear again! (And surely the original will turn up someday, creeping shamefacedly out from the depths of the couch, and I’ll have a spare to give to one of the kids or to Dave, who has also lost his Pencil.)

Then I got up around noon and had a bath and some lovely gruel (cream o’ wheat) and a nectarine. Pretty good appetite today. Finished off the simple and amazing chicken-veggie-rice soup I made yesterday, drank a ton of water and lemonade, ate several more nectarines. I’ll probably eat bread and cheese and tomatoes for dinner. No wait! Henry just reminded me that smoothies are nice on a hot day! I think I have everything I need.

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