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Another scorcher! I gave my garden pots another helping of Grass Soup, which is an easy DIY fertilizer. Mix a handful of grass clippings in a big bucket of water and let it steep for a few days, then use it to water your plants. Some of my veggies are finally starting to look healthier. The cucumber has a few blossoms, and one of the tomatoes has definitely started to grow and look stronger.

Played some Zelda, did some drawing, read a lot. Gave up listening to an audiobook that I was more than halfway through because it had become a chore instead of a pleasure, and started a different one.

Pretty good appetite today and made myself a smoothie for breakfast and some nice little burritos for lunch and dinner. Nutrition!

Oh! The most important thing I did today was to finish fixing all my podcast feeds! Now every book in the “Kayray Reads to You” collection should show up in your podcast app with the chapters in the correct order. You’re welcome! Hit the link at the top of this page and subscribe subscribe subscribe.

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    aw lovely thank you!

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