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The power went out this morning, ugh, but it was only gone for an hour and a half and I survived without using my emergency oxygen tanks. Just stayed quiet and rested.

I sort of stayed mostly in bed for the rest of the day but somehow I did a bunch of stuff too. How did that happen? Finished my latest drawing. Froze a punnet of strawberries that were about to spoil, first hulling them, then spreading them on a tray to freeze, then popping them into a ziplock once they were frozen. And I babysat the Roomba while it did its work. The living room is a Roomba Puzzle. Poor stupid robot. If there is a bit of string anywhere, the Roomba will find it and choke on it. Also it does a fairly bad job on cat hair. Some gets sucked up but a lot gets rolled up into little cat-hair sausages. On the carpet, that is. It does a fine job on all the hard floors. Anyway I went around afterwards with the little handheld vacuum with a long snout and got rid of the sausages.

Made soup for dinner, not quite as good as the soup from a few days ago because I ran out of carrots and threw in some mushrooms instead, but I forgot that I don’t really like mushrooms in a chicken-based soup so I’m gonna pick them out.

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