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Tuesday morning

Ugh ugh really bad night, kept waking up with a RACING heart like I’d just run up a flight of stairs and low oxygen. Each episode only lasted a few minutes but so scary. My heart rhythm is all over the map and my o2 is lower than expected. Feels like it’s about to happen again… so I just took my morphine for the first time. They said it should help when this happens. I’m super freaked out about taking it so i only took half a dose. What happens next? Will I wake up in an opium den? Will i go back to sleep for a while and wake up feeling sturdier? Will I panic and puke like that time they gave me hydrocodone for wisdom teeth extraction? WHO KNOWS? (Tasted horrible btw)

Answer: absolutely violent dry heaves, but stomach empty so nothing came up. Good times.

But a few minutes later, actually feeling more stable. Numbers are good and “normal” at 109bpm and 87% o2. I feel like drawing.

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    Ugh, sounds truly awful! Glad you’re feeling somewhat better.

    Take care! <3

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