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Pretty good day. Went to the good store for barley and bulgur wheat, for soup and tabbouleh. Stopped at the fancy bakery for a slice of lemon-coconut cake, yum yum. I can only eat a few bites at a time so it will last me several days ha. First time I’ve gone to the store in ages and boy am I weak. Ugh.

Mom went to hang out with Henry today so I had a much-needed day of quiet. Played a ton of Zelda. I didn’t think any Zelda game could take the place of Wind Waker in my heart but… wow. Tears of the Kingdom is pretty darn perfect. The world is so beautiful and open, and there’s so much exploring to do, and seemingly hundreds of side quests and little tasks. I love helping Addison with his signposts. It feels like there’s exactly the right distance between one town or stable and the next — worth taking your horse so you can gallop down the road (tremendous fun), but not far enough to be tedious (cough WoW cough). My current goal is to get to Hateno Village to upgrade my little tablet. I haven’t even paid any attention to the main quest line yet and I’ve played for well over 30 hours.

Worn out now (that little shopping trip is to blame) so I’m just resting and listening to an audiobook about the importance of codfish to human history.

Update: stopped listening to the cod book because there used to be a billion cod in the sea and now there are none and humans suck and I can’t handle it. So listening to “The Restaurant: A History of Eating Out” instead.

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