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Nice average day. Didn’t feel great, didn’t feel terrible. Good enough. Helped mom with her iPad stuff for a long time and made another batch of tzatziki. Omg that stuff is good. Pretty good appetite so I made myself a couple of Kara burritos for lunch. I’ve figured out how to make them so they’re good enough to scratch the Mexican Take-out itch, with much much less salt, I imagine. And significantly cheaper! Rosarita refried beans, minced tomato and onion, finely shredded iceberg lettuce, pre-shredded Mexican cheese blend and (this is vital) a GENEROUS drizzle of lime juice. I keep squeezy bottles of lemon and lime juice in the fridge for just this sort of purpose. Sour cream is good too but I haven’t had any lately.

Gonna have a big bowl of tabbouleh and a nectarine for dinner now, read for a while, and go to sleep.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m so glad you had a nice average day. I wish you many more. You are still lighting up the world in your incandescent Kara way.

  2. Sharon Carlisle

    Hi, Kara,
    This email is the end-point of a little journey that I started early this morning, listening to you read Einhard on Charlemagne. I liked your voice and your approach to the work, and wanted to find other books that you had read — so I tracked you down and found your blog. Your obvious preoccupation with health problems led me to backtrack — and discover an entry last May when the doctors told you that had little time left.

    Please know that this 82 year old woman in Philadelphia (who happens to have a daughter about your age) notices you from a great distance and is so touched by the way you are confronting your situation. Brava!

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