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Full of fluid so it was a metronidazole day again, even though it has been less than a week since last time. It’s necessary more and more frequently. Sigh. Stomach hurt all day, not sure if medication side effect or discomfort from fluid buildup. Ugh. Really wanted to eat a lot today — food is appetizing and I have lots of lovely fruit and veggies to choose from — but it’s so difficult with this stomach pain.

Laundry this morning. Had run out of summer clothes and knickers. Nice clean pile now.

Tired day. Short of breath last night (fluid) so poor sleep. Read all day.

My sauerkraut has started to bubble a tiny bit. Go, fermentation microbes, go! I think I feel a Sudden Wild Enthusiasm coming on. Must be the Portland Effect. “Pickle it!”

Did you know you can make sour cream by mixing heavy cream with a couple spoonfuls of store-bought sour cream as a starter? Gonna try this asap. I adore sour cream.

My stomach pain eased up a little bit while I was writing this post and we have some excellent tomatoes and fresh bread so I was planning to have tomatoes and buttered bread for dinner, when my brother shared this recipe for panzanella, the bread and tomato salad that HE had for dinner!

Now, that’s a bit too much effort for me, but a couple of hours ago I made croutons by cubing some aging bread, tossing with plenty of olive oil and seasonings, and baking at 375° for 10 minutes. So I already had a facsimile of the “bread” part ready to go! Added a tomato cut in large chunks, a drizzle of my favorite Italian dressing, and presto! A knock-off panzanella salad that was totally delicious. I’ll be making this whenever I have good tomatoes.

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