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Still puffy despite metronidazole yesterday and endless peeing. Not a great sign. Sigh.

Rough night. Owen got OUT yesterday and wouldn’t come back in so he was outdoors all night and we were so worried about him. He has never been outdoors, and there are coyotes and cars and all sorts of dangers out there. Thank goodness he came home and was crying at the bathroom window this morning at 7, and he came right in when I opened the door for him. *whew* Also I had severe night sweats, and lots of nightmares, and had to pee a million times, and had a burning thirst all night, and woke up gasping for air a few times, and never went back to sleep after letting Owen in. (Usually if I get up to pee at 7 I can go back to sleep till 8 or 8:30.)

So today was nothingy. But Henry came over for a couple hours in the afternoon so that made it a much better day!

Oh, I actually did something in my garden! The morning was so beautiful. Sunny and clear, and warm but not hot. I sat on my upturned 5-gallon bucket and cultivated all my garden containers. I weeded them and fluffed up the top layer of soil to mix it with the decaying mulch, and added another thin layer of grass clipping mulch on top. I harvested one delicious strawberrie and one 6” cucumber, which we shared for dinner. Dave LOVES cucumbers. I don’t love cucumbers, but I had several slices anyway. I can’t wait till I can harvest enough at once to pickle them! Last summer I had so many cukes from just one plant so fingers crossed for this year too. My sauerkraut is coming along nicely and looks slightly different each day as the lacto-fermentation progresses. Can’t wait to taste it on Friday. I found a site full of recipes for fermented veggies (and other things). Gonna try pickled onions for Dave, and pickled ginger-carrots for me!

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