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Monday afternoon

Just checking in again from the middle of Kara’s Amazing Very Good Day. It’s 4pm and I don’t even need a nap. And my stomach hasn’t hurt at all today for the first time in forever. I can eat without pain and regret! I just ate a whole thing of blackberries that Henry picked off our blackberry brambles yesterday. Lunch was polenta and ratatouille. Gonna have another helping for First Dinner pretty soon but first I’m going to go outdoors and sit topless in the shade on this gorgeous summer day and read my current library crime novel, Cruel Acts by Jane Casey, #8 in the Maeve Kerrigan series. Might munch on crackers and tzatziki while I read.

I’ve ordered a bunch more lacto-fermentation supplies. Oops. I’m determined to try making ginger ale and kefir, so I ordered both kinds of living active kefir grains. Ginger ale is just ginger root boiled in water for a few minutes and then fermented for a few days with “water kefir” grains, a starter culture. I can hardly WAIT. And milk kefir is just milk with “milk kefir” grains, another kind of starter culture. I drink kefir like it’s going out of style so I’m excited to make my own!

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