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Monday morning

Writing NOW because I woke up feeling good and I want to record it before I get worn out and tired. I almost didn’t recognize what “good” felt like, seriously. I feel clear-headed and well-rested, with a little bit of energy and ambition. Not sure why! I guess I slept fairly well, maybe slightly better than average, though I had icky night-sweats and was up several times to pee as usual. Whatever! I’m enjoying this feeling!

I just got back from Ace, where I bought more jars for pickling things. Must pickle things! Lol. Why? Why must I pickle things all of a sudden? Well, it’s easy and cheap and produces yummy nutritious food, I guess. Lacto-fermentation makes nutrients easier for the body to absorb. I think I read that somewhere. And it’s like magic. Veggies plus salt plus water plus time equals something new!

Oh, in the TMI department, my guts are finally back to normal after the hospital antibiotics destroyed all my internal flora and fauna. Back in MAY. Lord.

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  1. Henry

    I think you can thank the blackberries ;)

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