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I had a very enjoyable day of not feeling like I was about to die. So refreshing. I read a lot, ate a lot (well, not a lot but my stomach didn’t hurt so at least I could eat), sat outside in the afternoon… I spent the whole day on 6 liters of oxygen and felt fine, 85% when I checked. I was 80% on 9 liters yesterday. Now I’ve turned it up to 8 for sleep. I always need more oxygen at night.

My spices arrived! I bought several ounces each of dill seed, celery seed, coriander, and caraway seeds. Enough to share with Henry if he wants to PICKLE THINGS too, which I think he does. Also my ph test strips arrived so I can make doubly sure that I’m not poisoning anyone. I’m not worried, but it seems prudent since it’s so easy. A ph under 4.5 and it’s all good. My milk kefir grains seem to have reactivated nicely and I expect to have drinkable homemade kefir in a day or two! Can’t wait for my first smoothie.

I gave up on the clunky federated non-commercial opensource book tracker, bookwyrm, and spent a happy hour manually entering my last 60 or so books into slick commercial functional goodreads. Ah well. I will no longer be irritated by open source jankiness every time I want to put a book into my database. Instead I’ll be assaulted by advertising, but it will Just Work™. You pick your battles.

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