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Monday noon

After four Very Bad days which I had to spend mostly lying down with my eyes closed and trying to breathe, I woke up feeling normal again! New Normal, you know, which isn’t great but I can walk around the house without feeling like I’m about to die. I can sit upright on the sofa with my Switch and my book and my stitching. I decluttered the kitchen for the kitchen cleaner who comes today. I can eat. I sautéed that chard I picked a few days ago right before I went Down and didn’t have the ambition to cook it. I’m gonna have a coffee ice cream cone now and continue reading my very good book, “Bad Summer People” by Emma Rosenblum.

I was really worried that this bad spell would be the end of me. Looks like I’m here for a while longer :)

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  1. Janice in GA

    So glad you’re a bit better!!

  2. Kathy

    And I am so glad you had a good day today. And that you could do some things and have coffee ice cream. I hope tomorrow is another good one. Love to you.

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