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Another fabulous day! Partly because I don’t feel shitty and the contrast is still so wonderful, but also because I woke up feeling well-rested. Moderate night-sweats. Only up ONCE to pee before I woke up at 6 to take my meds. I never went back to sleep after that (I usually do) but I felt fine all day anyway. I had a rest outdoors in the shade in the afternoon but didn’t sleep. I swear, it feels like I’ve just gotten home from a long hospital stay.

This morning I used homemade kefir to make my breakfast smoothie for the very first time and it was so tangy and good! I have a new jar fermenting in the cupboard for tomorrow’s breakfast. Damn I’m awesome.

I also got two quarts of dill pickles started fermenting, and boiled up enough chopped ginger to make two quarts of ginger-ale (I hope) when my first real batch of water kefir is finished fermenting. That should be Thursday, and then after I mix and bottle it (in reused fizzy-water bottles) it will need a second ferment on the counter for a few days to develop carbon dioxide for fizz. My ginger-water is very VERY spicy so I may dilute it to make three or even four quarts later, but I can’t make it stronger if I dilute it too much so I’ll leave it as-is for now.

I thought my first batch of sauerkraut was finished but after eating some with lunch I’ve decided it needs to ferment for a few more days.

Also I read a lot, and in the afternoon when I started to flag I sat out in the shade again and drank iced fizzy water and listened to my audiobook.

Made something like Spanish rice for dinner: minced onion and diced red bell pepper sautéed in chicken fat from Henry’s good homemade bone broth, then a cup of rice added to pan to toast a bit, then a cup of bone broth and a cup of diced tomatoes in juice to finish cooking. Plus chili-lime seasoning. Very very tasty. Might add cold canned black beans tomorrow and wrap in tortillas.

Oh yeah, my stomach doesn’t hurt so eating is fun!

My right foot is somewhat puffy. I’l keep an eye on it and take my ultra-diuretic sooner than Saturday if necessary.

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  1. Ken

    You are indeed awesome. That is much more than I could manage to to. Your chicken rice sounds delicious! I want to know what the ginger ale is like- very intriguing,

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