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Such a nice day I’m having. Pretty good sleep last night despite my first severe night sweats in a while — soaked through a bath towel, ugh. But then I slept late, till 8 I think, and woke up feeling well-rested for a change. Went to Safeway first thing for pearl onions, a couple jalapeños, some tomatoes, and some lemon sorbet. Safeway is a slightly longer drive than our local Fred Meyer’s, but Safeway always has a blue space close to the door for me to park in and they always have plenty of electric carts for me to ride on while I shop.

When I got home I made my breakfast smoothie which was so good! I finally got my homemade kefir factory going at a good rate so I can ferment a jar for two days in the cupboard and then chill it in the fridge overnight, so with the addition of frozen strawberries and pineapple it’s thick and frosty. Yum yum yum. My stomach didn’t hurt at all today. Those good kefir microbes? Or just that I drained off all the damn fluid over the last couple days?

Then I sat at the dining table and peeled pearl onions forever, seeded and sliced the jalapeños, and started fermenting two pints, one for Henry and one for Dave. A half-tablespoon of salt per pint gave me a 2.5% brine, by weight, including water to top off the jar.

We had some nasty-ass old tomatoes in the fridge so I peeled and seeded them and got them started simmering on the ultra-low burner to make tomato paste.

Let’s see, I played some Zelda, ate one of my fridge burritos from the other day, read my book. Then in the afternoon it was Outdoors Time! My daily Outdoors Time went from a chore to a pleasant necessity very quickly. I have such a comfy set-up out here (I’m still outside as I write this). It’s a real scorcher today so I have the hose nozzle set to “mist” and I mist myself all over when I start to feel too warm.

Maybe I’ll make a quesadilla with pepperjack and tomatoes for dinner, with a cone of lemon sorbet afterwards and popcorn for my bedtime snack. (I’ve been making popcorn at bedtime lately)

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  1. Henry

    I’m so glad you had a good day!! <3

  2. tyah

    It sounds very nice! I would def like to hear more about the outdoor adventures

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