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Better day. Got better sleep and I took my mega-diuretic so I feel less puffy and I can eat more than two bites of food. And my mouth doesn’t taste so foul.

Did some cooking first thing so I’d have something to eat when the afternoon crash hit. Orange juice and brown sugar glazed carrots — so good, and not too sweet. And I used my leftover mashed taters to make a double batch of fish cakes. Then I made my breakfast smoothie and went back to bed to read and nap all afternoon. So much reading, so much napping.

It’s still over a hundred degrees outside but I miss my afternoon fresh air time so much that I braved the heat and went outside at 4:30. My body was comfy enough if I kept misting myself all over with the hose, but the hot hot air was bothersome to breathe. I managed to stay out for an hour, though.

My garden loves the heat! I swear everything grew several inches over the last couple of days. I have lots of tiny green cherry tomatoes, enough chard to harvest for a meal tomorrow, a sunflower that’s starting to bloom, and I think I saw a zucchini that is growing properly instead of dying at 3 inches from not being pollinated. I’ll water tomorrow morning and get a better look.

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