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A nice average day. I watered my garden in the morning and doled out a saucepan of Grass Soup Fertilizer to each pot. I let this batch steep in its covered bucket for over a week in the ridiculous heatwave and wow was it stinky! Anything that smells like that has gotta be good for plants :D

I harvested a double handful of chard and ate it for lunch, drenched in lemon juice, and then I had a bowl of seriously lemony tabbouleh. My craving for lemon and other sour things is unstoppable and irresistible. Lucky I have a fridge full of lemons and really tart homemade kefir and pickles and such.

Not as hot today, only 90°, so I was able to leave my windows open YAY but I couldn’t go outdoors because it was overcast all day and I didn’t want a cloudburn. Maybe tomorrow will be both cool enough and sunny enough for my outdoor time in the afternoon.

I spent many hours today reading and listening to my very good audiobook, and I filled an empty ink cartridge with the copper-colored ink that I bought a while back and wrote a letter to a friend. That’s about it for today.

I am wondering if giving in to my lemon/sour craving is helping my stomach. Or maybe it’s better today because of metolazone yesterday.

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