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Finally! I feel good today! It is actually a Good Day at long last! I slept fairly well but the best thing is that after I was up for a while at 6 taking my meds and stuff I went back to sleep till nearly 9, probably a whole extra REM cycle. I don’t feel exhausted and muddled! My mind is clear! I am cheerful! So refreshing.

Instead of spending most of the day lying in bed I am UP and hanging out in the living room and doing things in the kitchen so Dave and I have had lots of chatting time. My sweetie-pie *hearteyes* I miss him when I’m too exhausted to be near People.

I love my homemade kefir so much. It’s so sour! I actually made a second small smoothie after my usual smoothie this morning because I craved MORE TANG. I also started a little pot of black beans so I can make spanish rice and beans for dinner (with lots of lime juice and tomatoes for TANG), and I ate a homemade pickle and a bowl of homemade three-bean salad (extra vinegar) for lunch. I think I’ll have some of my homemade ginger ale when I get my outdoor time later. Oh yeah we’re back to normal lovely summer weather. High of 82° today, and sunny enough to make shade for me to sit in.

I’ve been reading the Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey. I remember being a bit underwhelmed by the first book but it was good enough to keep going and I’m glad I did because they get better and better. I’ve been reading the more recent books a bit out of order, depending on which ones the library sends first, but it doesn’t matter. I just checked goodreads and it looks like I missed #6, which is great! An extra book!I’m reading #9 now, The Cutting Place, and then there’s still #10 which was published this year, and there’s also a stand-alone novel which is bound to be just as good, The Killing Kind.

Oo looks like she has written a few YA mysteries too. I’ll give those a try, might as well, and maybe I can recommend them to Em eventually.

Dave brought home a container of mini-cucumbers for me to pickle so I started three pints of dills. I’ll try a 10-day cold ferment for half-sours this time, inspired by this video that Henry sent me this morning:


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