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A pleasant day. Didn’t feel as amazingly well as yesterday but pretty good nonetheless. Made Spanish rice that turned out perfectly, which went well with the perfect beans I cooked yesterday — soft and tender and creamy but still holding their shape. So good! I ate little bowlfuls all day with cheese and plenty of lime juice.

Fed my garden its fancy new food in the morning and sat out there in the afternoon as usual. Some of the cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen and look slightly yellow, and there are two cucumbers that will be big enough soon, and a fine healthy zucchini to pick in a few days! Lots of tiny zucchinis starting, too. Tomorrow morning I really need to tear some strips of cloth to tie things to their supports.

Played Zelda TotK for hours today! Finally started the main quest chain (after just exploring the world for the last three months) and am currently hopping from platform to platform with the world’s most annoying bird kid. Unlocked and solved the shrine up there which will help a lot if I need to leave and buy more arrows or something. I wasted a lot of arrows in the cave, burning thorns unnecessarily. Silly me. It’s such an amazingly fun game and it feels like I’ve still only scratched the surface after playing for more than 55 hours!

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