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Slept late. Took metolazone because I started to feel puffy yesterday and I wanted to take it before suffering for a couple days! Averaging 5 days between doses. Cut a few inches off my hair because it was bothering me. Still enough to ponytail and get it off my neck. Bath, hair wash. Big fatigue today but I beat the TotK Colgera boss on the very first try, thanks to an incredibly helpful YouTube video. Now the Rito village is sunny again and I have a bird sprit guy who will travel with me and blow wind when I need him to!

Now I’ll go back to exploration; unlocking shrines, towers, and stables; and doing side-quests. I’m headed for the stable in the Hebra mountains but stopped for the day in the middle of exploring a cave en route. I LOVE how you can save the game anywhere and how easy it is to just pause.

Watching The Martian with Dave. I don’t think I’ve seen it since Henry and I went to see it at the cinema. They did a darn good job on the screenplay. Impressive. We hope they will do as well with Project Hail Mary but the temptation for them to make Rocky Hollywood-cute may be a Problem.

Now Henry is here to do a few heavy-lifting 2-man chores with Dave, lovely boy. I’m sending him home with two pints of mini-dills, a tub of the cabbage + apple sauerkraut that turned out AMAZING, a pint of pickled pearl onions and jalapeños, half the big bag of miso paste I bought a while back (more than I can ever use), several pounds of carrots (I asked Dave to buy me some carrots and he came home with a 6-lb bag lol), a packet of PH test strips so he can test his own pickles, and the cutting board that Dave made for Freyja’s second birthday. He lasered the word CHOP! on both sides because that’s what she shouts when she helps Henry chop vegetables. She’s only two and she loves to help in the kitchen. She has a little chopper and now she has her own cutting board :)

Oh and I harvested my first zucchini, my third cucumber, and a little handful of strawberries this morning! Two pics below if you drag to the side.

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  1. tyah

    The harvest and the little board look amazing! I have done a zuccini salad with its own dressing and it was very good.
    I thought you might like this…
    Heirloom Tomato & Zucchini Salad

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