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Felt pretty ok this morning despite bad night sweats. Sigh. Had a nice time caring for my garden in the morning sun. It’s great having a bucket to sit on while I disturb the little weeds and fluff up the mulch. A few of my cherry tomatoes have turned orange and there are several more baby zucchini. Not sure why the cucumber stopped flowering. Does it need more food or less food? More water or less water? WHO CAN TELL?

Finished reading a truly terrible thriller. Omg it was awful. The funny thing is that I requested it from the library without realizing I’d read it before, which only became apparent when I entered it into goodreads. I gave it one star the first time I read it a couple years ago, but since I couldn’t remember anything about it I decided to give it another chance. I was right the first time. Ha!

Got super tired around lunchtime and gave up and went to bed. Played Zelda for hours, started a much better book that I’ve been looking forward to, ate a quesadilla.

Dave ordered me a bedside table, the sort of hospital-ish kind that you can raise or lower or rotate over the bed and it arrived today. I’ve been keeping my bedside stuff (chargers, meds, lamp, water, etc.) on a chair but now I have a proper table, and I am thrilled!!

Should eat something more but I’m tired and have run out of leftovers. Peanut butter to the rescue.

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