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I slept well and felt good today. I actually felt good. Clear-headed, not exhausted, cheerful. It was amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it.

Let’s see… I dealt with some stuff I’d been putting off. Filled in a form, unpacked several boxed of meds, moved Things off the bed, got rid of some clutter. Fed and watered the garden. Did the washing up and put the clean dishes away after they’d dried. Refrigerated all but two bottles of ginger ale to slow the fermentation. Then I made stuffed peppers using a recipe I hadn’t tried before and they were amazingly good. Pretty much this recipe with the following changes:

1) cut the peppers the other direction so they’re easier to stuff and have no holes
2) less meat, more onions and garlic (I scaled the recipe down to 2/3 and used just 1/2 lb sausage meat, close to a whole medium onion, and three cloves of garlic)
3) add some smoked paprika
4) pre-roast peppers a bit longer (they should be nearly done)
5) cook rice mixture a bit longer

Then I played some Zelda and unlocked the Gerudo canyon sky tower and found the stable. Cleaned about 50 boxes out of the stable for the stable guy and got some photo-taking quests, which I’ll try tomorrow. I also want to find some heat-protection armor.

Then it was outside for my nudie shade-bath, with an ice-cold bottle of sparkling water, the hose to mist myself on this 90° afternoon, and my audiobook. I think I was out there for more than two hours.

Now I’m in bed with potatoes and a different audiobook. It was an excellent day. So glad there’s still a chance of an excellent day popping up at random every now and then :)

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  1. Beth

    So glad you had an excellent day, Kara! And I am amazed, thrilled, inspired, something like that, by your drive to try new things like fermenting & making ginger ale!! even when there are tough days. It helps me keep moving along too.

  2. Kathy

    Those peppers look AMAZING! I can’t believe the things you are able to accomplish on a good day, or even on a half-way decent one.

    I love you on good days and bad days.

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