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Slightly better night, slightly better day. Thank goodness. We had gentle, drippy rain from the wee hours all the way till evening. Windows open, house full of fresh damp air. Luscious.

Chloe recorded Farmer Boy for me and once again she’s letting me share with you! I got it all uploaded and tagged and podcasted yesterday and today. Go here and scroll down: I love Chloe’s sweet voice, and it’s one of my favorite Little House books. <3

Online appointment this morning with my cardiologist, Dr. Kahn, just to check in with her. I asked her if she thought the horrible metallic taste in my mouth and my craving for salty and sour things were related to the massive dose of potassium I take every day. She did a little research and said yes, that’s what it is. There’s nothing to be done about it but at least I feel less crazy knowing there’s a reason. She says if I just can’t resist the salty things and they make me puffy I can take my big diuretic more often. Everyone is trying to keep me as comfortable as possible. She said I’m always in her heart — awww!

And then another online appointment with my GP this evening to get his referral for another round of in-home physical therapy. Quick and easy.

I started a new book, Happy Place, by Emily Henry. Excellent so far and enjoying it a lot.

Oh and I made a big pot of Spanish rice (or is it Mexican rice?) to go with the big pot of black beans I made yesterday. Toast rice lightly in butter, add minced onions, garlic, cumin, chili pepper, pinch of cayenne, pinch of salt, cook till onion is soft, add minced tomato, a bit of tomato paste, and chicken broth, and simmer till done.

There’s something magical about flavorful beans and rice with cheese and sour cream and lime juice. I could eat it every day forever, either as-is or added to more chicken broth to make an easy soup.

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  1. Soozan

    That rice sounds soooo good. Thanks! And now I can listen to Farmer Boy in my dotage ?

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