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Yesterday was so awful but today was a million times better. Thank goodness. I lost four pounds of fluid weight in one day, which means my heart and lungs are much happier.

I think about food all the time. I collect recipes, I watch videos, I daydream about nice things to eat, I make elaborate grocery lists. Too bad food doesn’t usually taste good (thanks, potassium) and I can barely eat anything without feeling uncomfortably full (thanks, edema). I just watched an Englishman make crumpets and now I feel like I MUST MAKE CRUMPETS omg. How tempting are they?? Maybe tomorrow. I have everything I’d need and they’re not much work.

Speaking of food, we got our first order from yesterday. Henry kindly drove over here to pick it up from our neighborhood drop-off because a) I was in no shape to get out of bed and b) most of it was food for him anyway and c) to lift those ten-pound bags of flour and onions would be a challenge for me. Look, just look at those amazing prices. Organically-grown potatoes for $1.79/lb. Ditto onions for $1.68/lb. A 6lb beam of really good whole milk mozzarella for $3.92/lb. Two kinds super high-quality flour for Henry’s baking (he’s a passionate bread-baker) at $1.89 and $1.40/lb. Oh and my fancy cottage cheese is a dollar cheaper than at the local health food store.

The only disappointing item was the cucumbers— they’re the kind with tough peels. Not great for pickling, and I barely like raw cucumbers when they’re perfect. So I gave them all to Henry. Lulu loves to munch on cucumbers and she started right in on one :)

I kept about 2lbs of the cheese, chopped into half-pound blocks and frozen. Also five pounds of potatoes and the three-pound bag of sweet onions. And two of the three-pack of whole-milk probiotic cottage cheese.

Our next delivery will be in four weeks and I’ve already got my cart started. Dave and Henry have my login so they can shop too. Dave is excited about ground lamb (no antibiotics, grass-fed, pasture-raised) at $15/lb. I’m excited to try some unusual rice and dried beans.

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See? I think about food all the time. I ate some of my killer-diller black bean and Mexican rice soup for lunch and for dinner I just whipped up a little salad of garbanzo beans, frozen peas, onion, garlic, lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil, and a wee pinch of cayenne. It’s marinating now. LEMONY.

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