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WHAT is WITH the INSOMNIA. Why did my brain forgot how to sleep? Ah well, all I can do is ride it out. It wasn’t terrible last night, and I just felt regular-crappy today, not extra-super-crappy.

Got the kitchen uncluttered so our cleaner could give it a good scrub. Also I made crumpets! See video in one of my previous posts. And then I did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.

Oh! Henry and Jayla stopped by to pick up a dresser that’s been languishing in our basement since they moved. And they were sans children so we could actually have conversations! Henry moved furniture and helped Dave a bit, and Jayla gave the lounge a thorough hoovering and swept the dining room. And we chatted, and it was lovely lovely. I adore the littles but my goodness grown-up time is nice too :)

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