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I took metolazone at bedtime last night even though I knew I’d need to get up to pee all night. I just felt so awful that I decided it was worth it. And I was right. I got up every 1-2 hours to pee but my abdomen felt UNFULL when I got up in the morning. God what a difference. I did the washing-up, baked apple-walnut muffins, and started straining some kefir for kefir-yogurt. Now I’m all tired and starting to feel full again but not miserable yet. Yesterday was so horrible. I lay in bed all day like a lump. Couldn’t even handle listening to an audiobook.

Now I know I can trade sleep for a few hours of feeling not-full-and-puffy the next day.

Mom brought home cucumbers for me to pickle, so I’m gonna try really hard to scrape up enough energy for that after I have a little rest. Those full-sours I made are just BEYOND DELICIOUS. I’m definitely a full-sour girl.

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