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Monday evening

The muffins I made were stupendously good. Seriously. This recipe except homemade apple vinegar, no cinnamon, and a cup of chopped walnuts. I only needed one large Granny Smith to get two cups. And I did the all-in-one method a la Mary Berry. So moist, so flavorful, wonderful texture. That is the best way to chop apples for baking, for certain! Because of the extra mass from the walnuts I ended up with enough batter for 13 heaped muffins so I made the extra one in a measuring cup.

My experimental strained kefir was a resounding success. I ended up with a very thick cross between Greek yogurt and sour cream — I’ll use it in place of either. Super-creamy because I use whole milk to make my kefir. I drank some of the whey, which was surprisingly refreshing, and I think I’ll use some to soak my bulgar wheat overnight for tabbouleh tomorrow.

I made myself a tiny salad for lunch as a treat. I usually try to eat more calories if I can eat at all, but the garden cherry tomatoes were so tempting and I just craved a crunchy juicy salad. So good, so good.

I got two more big bags of fresh library books yesterday and started going through them today to winnow out the unreadable ones but the first one I dipped into was so good I couldn’t stop reading it! “The Husbands” by Chandler Baker.

I think I’ll have another tiny salad for dinner and then some Potato Mess for the calories, with my new homemade sour cream!

God it’s wonderful to have a better day. I don’t even feel that great — but in contrast with yesterday I feel like Wonder Woman

Oh yeah I put up two quarts of dill pickles, too! In three weeks or a month they’ll be amazing. I cut them pretty small, in quarters lengthwise and then in half the short way, so I can fish out a little piece when I want a pickle and not over-salt myself.

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  1. Jijy

    I can’t tell you how much Kayray means to me and my now almost grown up kids. I have been following for almost 18 years I think. We have listened to almost all the audio books. I remember the cozy winter nights working on jigsaw puzzles listening to her read all the Bagthorpe books and laughing out loud. She had a way of trying to control her laughter at the funny parts. I remember when you would ask about what something meant. I marveled at how patient and gentle her answers were and strived to emulate with my little guys. My daughter was homeschooled and also did martial arts like you and that made us feel linked too .I made her recipes. Her no knead bread I have made dozens of times. I got into ravelry, I knit. I checked out her sewing and fabric sites. I found Libby because of her. She was always into such cool hands on stuff. After every few weeks I will check Kayray to see what she was up to. We saw all of OK go’s videos because of her. As she grew frailer , her tremendous will to stay active and engaged in her family , her crafts and her life …. How wonderful… Dear Henry I read your beautiful first book. She was so proud. I trust she hears me when I say thank you.

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