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Monday evening

The muffins I made were stupendously good. Seriously. This recipe except homemade apple vinegar, no cinnamon, and a cup of chopped walnuts. I only needed one large Granny Smith to get two cups. And I did the all-in-one method a la Mary Berry. So moist, so flavorful, wonderful texture. That is the best way to chop apples for baking, for certain! Because of the extra mass from the walnuts I ended up with enough batter for 13 heaped muffins so I made the extra one in a measuring cup.

My experimental strained kefir was a resounding success. I ended up with a very thick cross between Greek yogurt and sour cream — I’ll use it in place of either. Super-creamy because I use whole milk to make my kefir. I drank some of the whey, which was surprisingly refreshing, and I think I’ll use some to soak my bulgar wheat overnight for tabbouleh tomorrow.

I made myself a tiny salad for lunch as a treat. I usually try to eat more calories if I can eat at all, but the garden cherry tomatoes were so tempting and I just craved a crunchy juicy salad. So good, so good.

I got two more big bags of fresh library books yesterday and started going through them today to winnow out the unreadable ones but the first one I dipped into was so good I couldn’t stop reading it! “The Husbands” by Chandler Baker.

I think I’ll have another tiny salad for dinner and then some Potato Mess for the calories, with my new homemade sour cream!

God it’s wonderful to have a better day. I don’t even feel that great — but in contrast with yesterday I feel like Wonder Woman

Oh yeah I put up two quarts of dill pickles, too! In three weeks or a month they’ll be amazing. I cut them pretty small, in quarters lengthwise and then in half the short way, so I can fish out a little piece when I want a pickle and not over-salt myself.

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